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how do you wall-dodge

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    Originally posted by RanShak View Post
    Easy on PC, but I'd rather drive upholstery tacks into my gums than walldodge on a PS3.
    I find wall dodging pretty easy on the PS3... and, yes, I use a controller



      i teached like 30 people how to walldodge back in 2004

      ah the memories... good old wall dodge sessions in br/ctf-twintombs..

      wall dodge is for me the essence of UT... i'm so addicted to it.. even try it in other shooters (and get killed because of that)..


        Originally posted by Cheezes View Post
        Useful but extremely difficult to pull off effectively. You are forced to do this if you are on red in Sandstorm level and need to use the infamous "passage" to get back to your base. Why both sides do not have the steps is beyond me.
        o.O extremely difficult o.O

        well if u play ictf you learn it fast... wall dodging is like sub-countious with me... i do it on auto-pilot.. if there is a wall i jump it :P

        but i always had a fairly jumpy style of movement however if you play war & vctf a lot... you don't get to use it very often.