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Specific searching in the User Mods section.

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    Specific searching in the User Mods section.

    Not sure if this goes here, but let's say you are on the Full Release board, and you just want to see all the WAR maps. You can't search for "WAR" since it's only 3 letters. You really can't make it so that it only shows the specific type of mod you are looking for, can you? If you can then I'm an idiot and we can all get on with our lives.

    Look at how you can click on Rating so that it re-arranges all the threads to show 5 stars first, and then goes downward. Couldn't it be made so that you could click on a word above the mod type, and it would arrange them by whatever icon was chosen?


    Is that even possible? Do you think there's a point? Is my fly down?

    How about 'warfare'? And sorting by icons sounds like a good idea.


      For VCTF, you could search for all thread titles including "VCTF" in them. The common format for posting includes that in the thread title, so you can search for it.

      None of the warfare ones are titled "Warfare- AlienSands" or anything like that. And if you just do a regular search (not by titles) with "warfare", it shows a ton of threads that aren't warfare maps because somewhere in those threads the word was typed. If you could re-sort the threads based on icon type, you could see all gametype mutators, gameplay mutators, characters, whatever all sorted together.


        That would be a handy feature. Especially since the new post icons make it fairly hard to spot specific gametypes at a glance.

        To be honest I think the whole User Maps & Mods section needs to be tidied up a little. There's no official thread telling PS3 users how to install maps or how this has changed after the patch, and no sticky with the all-important instructions telling us how to cook for PS3 (few people understood the instructions posted in WarTourist's thread, so members had to figure it out and type up their own tutorials in various places), while other stuck threads seem a little redundant (two threads about publishing?) and out of date.


          sounds like a great idea tbh, maybe someone of Epic can take a look at this?


            No offense guys, but you're wasting your time with such a request. They aren't gonna do it. Hell, our mod team has been modding this game since the first UT, been on the ECE and the GOTY, and all we asked for was a simple icon that said "MOD", instead of "TC MOD" (because there's a big difference, of course) - and even that was refused. I highly doubt they're gonna go to the effort you described.

            Besides... in an ideal situation, this forum would be the very last place you would want to come looking for quality user created content. That is the role of a dedicated fan site. Like NaliCity was for previous versions. Maps are all sorted out for you, even reviewed.

            I'd recommend starting one, or picking an existing one you like and throw your support behind it. When done right, you'll never want to waste time wading through a mess like this again.


              ^Do you know of any good sites currently out for UT3 mods? Being this early into UT3's life this site seems to have the majority of the quality content out there, but if there are some other good ones that would be awesome to know about them.

              I can't imagine it would be very tough to pull this off. Maybe it would be a good bit of work, who knows. It's just a shame that people's hard work gets buried deep into the board's pages, and becomes a situation where you have to look through 30 pages of threads to find 8 warfare maps.