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PS3 UT3 server with 70 players ???

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    I still haven't seen any 70 player servers on ps3...

    I really don't buy this. Even if Epic were to test higher playercounts, you think they'd jump from 16 to 70? Or even 53? It just doesn't really make sense. The guy is on the insane side, I think.


      I have no way of testing, checking, or verifying anything about the PS3 (thankfully) but if there were that many players once, I would expect to see it more than once. The name of the server(s) where this occurred (or however you find/join servers on a PS3) might be useful for those that can/want to check it out.


        Originally posted by wisdomWarrior View Post
        thats not good. What happened to your PS3?
        The knwon blu-ray drive problem, but its ok i send it to sony and i get a new one inclusive a free copy of uncharted drakes fortune

        BTW. the story continues:

        I wish I had taken a screen shot, if it happens again I will. It was that many. There were about 8 or 9 people on each corridor on Biohazard you just needed to shoot to hit someone, it was so manic. I suspect from peoples comments that 54 of them were bots....


          I've been on UMG's 64-person server and it seems to get choppy at 45+ players. Ping is okay -- it just seems to stutter. Not sure how it plays out on PS3.

          I do know that I would love to be in a Nightshade during a 70-person match. I'm not sure which would be more fun; the spider mines or the EMP.