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UT3 for me now.

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    1. There is NO fix for it and since they Nvidia have known about this for over a year, don't think there ever will be. Players are spitting blood over on Nvidia forums.

    2. ATI cards, mmm, I don't like them due to driver problems but I suggest you goggle it. I only had one in my last pc because it was given to me.

    The ATI card in my last pc (9700 pro 128mb agp), had problems with AVG and other things. Also they don't seem to me to play UT2004 as well as the Nvidia 7xxx series which seem smoother, however, thats a subjective view.
    I've only played UT2004 on a 9700 pro, 9800 pro, 64mb nvidia, 7600gt 512mb agp. The Voodoo's were the best! but that was so long ago.
    Ut3 plays so smooth on my 8800gt 512mb though, and I mean smooth, and my chip is only an E6550.

    I had thought of getting one (ATI) but decided just to go over to UT3 after googling the problems that you get with ATI cards.
    I've been an avid gamer for years and just learnt that Nvidia were the better cards on the whole.
    You might try to get hold of a 7900gt 512mb, however I could'nt find one when I looked.

    Apparently the video driver problems go away with Vista but then you get a whole new load of problems, you can google that as well.
    Personally I won't be touching Vista for at least a year, Ive just bought a new pc and paid £30 extra for XP pro, thats how much I fear Vista. lol

    I do understand the (I don't wanna let UT2004 go thing) really I do, but we've been going out with her for four happy years now, time for a new girlfriend don't you think......sometimes.........

    You just gotta let go.


      Originally posted by ]NIN[ View Post
      I would love to go back to UT99 if there was proper support for DX7 on the new cards :P

      You would think newer hardware with backwards compatible drivers would be fine, but it's just not the case for older games. Last time I played UT99 perfect was with a GeForce 4 Ti4600. Since then it just seems to play too fast & destroys my eyes & I even tried the UTGL drivers but it didn't seem to help that much.
      Have you tried using vsync and turning down your mouse sensitivity. Works for me although I have to be careful when I turn I can't seem to slow the movement down enough but that just might be because I rarely play the game and so not used to it anymore.


        I've never had any trouble running UT99 or UT2K4 with the 8800GT I have on here. I do still play them once in a while...


          '99 plays better in software render for me on my 8800 but get this, It seems that switching back and forth between software to hardware acceleration improves play, I haven't any idea why, it must reset something!


            Originally posted by dickbird View Post
            I've never had any trouble running UT99 or UT2K4 with the 8800GT I have on here. I do still play them once in a while...
            Same here


              I have been hard on epic for the gameplay and console feeling of ut3, but honestly, I reinstalled 2k4 and played it again and yes, it was very fun. I really miss the old ways of dodging compaired to the new (or old style depending on your point of view) simplistic way of dodging, but when I played 2k4, I realized just how advanced ut3 is as far as graphics and just how smooth it plays on my system. Ut2k4 still plays a little choppy for me, even though I have a new system, but I'm sure as more people turn to ut3, and more custom maps are coming online, I think ut3 will eventually be a success or have a successor named, "ut4".


                Originally posted by Rize View Post
                So is there a fix for the 8800 card issue with older games or no? Would I be better off with a new ATI card? I still want to play UT2004 if I want to I'm not paying $1000 to limit my options with new hardware.
                I don't think you'd definitely be worse off with an ATI card, unless you got a high-end ATI card for free or something.


                  i would play UT2004 every now and then...but i lost the install discs and i got a new hard drive a while yeah cant play it anymore...


                    I've played all the Unreal games from Unreal, UT (aka UT99), UT2003 up to UT3. I must admit I haven't played UT2k4 very much but I can immediately tell that UT3 "feels" more like UT (aka UT99), whereas UT2k4 veered from UT99 in that it depended more on aim and rockets/frag nades weren't as powerful. I also strongly disliked the lightning gun and am glad to see it absent in UT3. So, UT3 is definitely a two-thumbs-up in my book. Epic has not let me down yet, I even liked UT2k3, though it was the least-liked of them. (afaik Unreal 2 was not made by the usual Unreal developers so it doesn't really count as an Unreal game in my book. I really hate Unreal 2, lol)

                    Now to address the nVidia issue. This is not new to me. nVidia has been notorious for their drivers not supporting older software. Their hardware is extremely good but I'm extremely disappointed to find that they STILL have not addressed the compatibility issue! Even Microsoft has done a pretty good job in making '98 games compatible in XP.
                    I've known of nVidia's hate of older games for a long time and have long sided with ATI, since their drivers have not only improved support for newer games but maintain excellent support for old games. Sure ATI hardware isn't as fast but does it matter? If a game runs at 60FPS on an nVidia, running at 50 or even 40FPS on an ATI won't warrant any sort of visual difference. Personally I buy ATI for the superior drivers. They tend to cost slightly less, too

                    But I love older games. It depends on personal preference. If you want the bleeding edge and don't care about 10-year-old games, go with nVidia and you won't be let down in the least bit. But if you're like me and love to play Quake once in a while, definitely consider ATI to provide your graphics.


                      Originally posted by [s§s]Bison_Boy View Post
                      '99 plays better in software render for me on my 8800 but get this, It seems that switching back and forth between software to hardware acceleration improves play, I haven't any idea why, it must reset something!
                      Probably just reinitializes values, so the issue would logically be data getting corrupted.

                      In theory this would be a fairly simple fix, as it would only require 'throttling' the operations speed to match what is called for. If Nvidia won't do it, someone on the internet will. Most emulators have some sort of throttling to make the old console games playable, so it has to be possible.....


                        i think epic should shutdown GOW and say to them all "were not opening this up again till u guys play UT3 :P.

                        and it works great. Max everything at around 80 - 90 fps.

                        although my eyes started to get watery about 3 weeks into the game, so i turned off post-processsing off and no more watery eyes! BTW any1 know what pp does?


                          i'll never totally jump ship, if only because of my sig...