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Easy way to change type of a map?

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    Easy way to change type of a map?

    For UT2k3, 2k4 I was able to play a BR, CTF, etc map as a DM map by changing it's name. Not so simple with UT3 apparently. Can someone walk me through some simple steps to take a WAR or (v)CTF map and make it a DM map? I love those wide open spaces...

    Looks like a copy to the custom map space ( if I could get that to work. ) and a rename and a change or creation of an ini file might do it.

    Is there a pointer to the steps somewhere to do this?

    - windy

    Well, looks like I may have figured it out...
    I copied WAR-Torlan to C:\Users\MYNAME\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps
    Changed it's name to DM-Torlan-ww
    and created the following ini file for it:
    [DM-Torlan-ww UTUIDataProvider_MapInfo]
    PreviewImageMarkup=<Images:UI_FrontEnd_Art.GameTyp es.DeathMatch>
    Description=War-Torlan map as a DM map.
    Ended up with a Vehicle Deathmatch that the bots can play. Of course all the war goodies don't work, but the weapons stations work just fine, as well as all the vehicles.

    The only bummer is that the hover boards don't work, so pick up a vehicle 'cause if you don't it's a long walk across the map to find a bot to fight.

    - Windy


      in ut this way worked:

      start, for example, a dm match and while on a dm-match type "open CTF-Face][" in the console - this loaded the ctf map Face][ as dm map. dunno if this works for ut3 though.