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    Still waiting on new drivers for my Asus m51sn laptop but my p4 desktop playing urt3 well.

    I not sure why there are tons of servers yet hardly any players.
    Ive tried from 600am 600pm then from 600pm to 1200am then from 12.00am to 6.00am ?
    From week days depending on my casual hours through to weekends.

    In over seas servers some ping rates are very high but some are playable but American Uk and European servers and Australian not many players still.

    Got my server filter for small/medium/large maps/ not passworded/same mod thats all?

    Can this forum list the most Populated servers in a sticky to get the ball rolling so we can have a massive killin/dyin spree for a while lol
    Then add to it more servers with Regular games during the week or on weekends only as some time zones and peoples jobs do change the gaming up/down time.

    Thanks and I am still in love with my multi rocket kills
    Cheers have a nice day.

    The community is much smaller with UT3 than any prior game due to the community being split between PS3 and PC, a handful of bugs, and the ****-poor login system. In fact, almost thirty of my friends and classmates have decided not to buy UT3 after seeing me play and not being allowed to use my nick. That one single piece of the game is preventing a TON of people from buying it. Once Epic realizes that people like using their nicks of the past ten or more years and allow us to use our own nicks regardless of the login name, things will probably get a boost, if it isn't too late.


      There is many European players. Maby not many but still always some servers with decent ping and players in DM, TDM, CTF and iCTF.