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UT3 Xbox 360 demo PLEASE!!!!!

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    Originally posted by wisdomWarrior View Post
    If the game gets really popular on xbox360 then it will have a flow on effect into the other platforms such as the PC and PS3 version.

    But Gears 2 will be HUGE on 360, so I wonder how they will balance the release of UT3 along with Gears 2.
    They should drop it now! The PS3 version is great and the free maps are cool, but UT3 on 360 would be great anyway we can get it.
    As far as Im concerned, UT3 in its bare form with 8million maps and campaign would be loved by XBOX owners with out any DLC.

    I have to say my vote is XBOX360 players would push UT3 to a whole new level. Get it polished forget downloadable content and drop it.
    UT4 and GoW 2 will carry the next wave...