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No splitscreen for ps3 after all rumors?

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    No splitscreen for ps3 after all rumors?

    I know this has been on topic many many times
    but im getting bit confused
    and so is many other ps3 ut fans

    because first they said:
    "We're aware that some of our customers wanted splitscreen for the PS3 version of UT3. We hear you and will evaluate the feature for possible future updates to UT3."

    but after I really Wanted to ask straight from epic by email , this is what I send to them:
    "I just bought Ut3 for ps3 and its really awesome game
    but I was really dissapointed when I realized that there is no splitscreen
    then I immeadiately started to look for anything related to this and I heard rumors that epic is considering splitscreen in future update

    I just wanna know is it just a rumor or is it true?
    I think its unfair that Halo players can play even 4-player splitscreen with awesome graphics
    and isnt ps3 supposed to be even more powerful than xbox360?

    if so why almost every my favorite game has lost splitscreen?

    I thank you guys in advance in hopes that you read this email."

    and this is what they answered

    "Sorry but no split screen this time around and no plans for an update to that."

    Mark Rein
    Epic Games, Inc.

    so is this the final answer?
    many ps3 users will be very dissapointed
    and many players have sold their copy of ut3 as soon they have discovered
    that there is no split screen

    its great that you can play online
    but personally I think its even more great to play split screen with a friend

    this also gets me thinking to get xbox 360 because it has more split screen games

    Unfortunately true. FAQ updated.