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I am New TO THIS!!!

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  • I am New TO THIS!!!

    Hey People I am new to onlne Gaming, I have the ps3 version of UT3..
    I need help knowing how to make friends on here and to modify GUNS and stuff.. Anyone can help?? please...

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    Making friends is the easy part. Text chat while in game and you'll meet many interesting people. Over time they may become friends of yours. If you feel like it, just click Add Friend from the Friends menu and enter their name.

    Modify I dunno.


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      ok ok so how do i text chat on ps3? and i asked bout da weapons cuz i noticed last nite when i got online.. sometimes i joined in different games and the weaponory was faster an yea... sorry for all the ?'s im kinda lost.. but im sure ill getthe hang of this


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        It was probably the berserk mutator. Also, you can text with I think any usb keyboard. Just plug it into the ps3.


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          Oh sorry I didn't realize you had PS3. The reason I said text chat is that the in game voice chat is all scratchy and unintelligible on the PC. PS3 is a different story. If you have a microphone you should use that for chat on the PS3. However the current version is having mic problems. Here is the solution for that:
          The Microphone doesn't seem to work on the PS3 version:
          OPEN (1 solution/1 work around available)
          Solution: UT3 uses a "hold to talk" method that requires you press the right d-pad down while you talk, like a walkie-talkie.
          Work Around: UT3 requires that your microphone is enabled prior to launching the game. Please follow these steps to ensure it is:
          1) In the XMB go to Audio Settings
          2) Connect bluetooth device
          3) Talk into the mic to confirm that it is indeed connected (you'll see a colored meter shrink and grow to the sound of your voice)
          4) Choose OK once confirmed
          5) Start the game.
          Main Thread:
          About those kinds of weapons modifications I can help you on. Those are called mutators. There are some like "Speed Freak" which raises the game speed to about the level the PC plays at. "Super Berserk" makes all weapons fire about twice as fast. I'm not sure about PS3, but when selecting a server you should see a box on screen entitled "mutators." Anything in the box is something that may alter the gameplay. Servers without any mutators are known as "Pure" servers and they track stats separately from non-pure servers.

          Don't worry about the questions, the community is usually pretty helpful.

          Have fun!


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            Thanks alot for the info. I dont have a mic yet but will get one soon.
            probably around da same time i get a usb keyboard.. =)

            And yes, now i see about Mutators!! thats really cool, Im glad I bought this game.
            I just hope that "Epic" can do something about all the online problems, I was encountering sum and then i read on alot of ppl are having the same problems (ps3/usa).

            Well cool I will add you next time i play online! thanx..

            my UT3 Id: ceezin

            simple eh lol...add me pplz


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              Read the manual dude


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                i bought it at gamestop (used) it didnt have a manual.. so yeaa...


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                  Visit the Liandri Archives.


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                    You can use a mouse and keyboard and chat with a mic. You can't create maps or mods with the PS3 version, but you can download any custom content that has been cooked for the PS3.