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Mouseproblem UT3 PS3!!! HELPO!

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    Mouseproblem UT3 PS3!!! HELPO!

    I connect my USB-mouse to the PS3, and it responds in the PS3-menus and works for web browsing, but when I try to use it in UT3, nothing happens.
    Keyboard works ingame.

    Anyone know whats up?
    It's a Microsoft laser-mouse. (Could be this? dno:|)

    ok, this happens for me too, what i do is, you need to unplug the keyboard. Plug the mouse in first, and THEN the keyboard and it will work fine, i have no idea why, but this is just how it is for me, so ut3 powers on with mouse already connected, then i plug the keyboard in and it works, if i plug the mouse in AFTER i plug the keyboard in, it will not work until i unplug the keyboard and plug it back in, maybe also put the mouse in usb slot 1.

    hope it helps, let me know