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[VIDEO] Slippster is GODLIKE! Tank Ownage PartII

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    Oh gross! I guess hygiene was sacrificed when ForceOfGod decided to go for #1 (PS3 only, instagib only, his server only, NA players only).


      Congrats bro!! i wanted to see UT3's pro gameplay videos.


        thanks, im hardly pro, i just had my first godlike and now i hear theres a step beyond that? a "massacre"? ill probably never get one of those .

        just to be clear- while im thinking about it- i wasnt trying for a godlike here.
        i wasnt trying for anything other, than to stay alive really, lol...
        it just happened. i was just playing the game as normal, and also recording it.
        then at the end i made the decision to use the footage as a video.

        making this a final video was fast and easy=
        the music is already "there" = because i play the music ingame =
        all i had to do was cut the in and out points,
        add my bumper, create a title grafix, upload, and whammo instant video.

        all my vids to this point have been like a whole game, uncut...
        i might do a montage of clips.. maybe an Pwnage video where i get owned the whole vid.
        omg ive got it! *idea....


          Well congratz dude on your Godlike reward, well deserved.

          Slippster is just sharing the joy he has thats all, hes not claiming to be the king or some stupid ****, the guy is having FUN and thats all that matters. If your not having fun when playing a game theres no ****ing point to play it. Let the guy enjoy what he has gotten.

          Slippster bro, don't worry about these punk *****s who come in here saying you suck or ''oh thats so ez''. People who always have to say some **** about someone else's performance are people who just want attention and say ''oh look at me, look what i can do!'' like a 3yr old toddler.

          By the way slippster EXCELLENT CHOICE OF MUSIC MAN! No more Tears/Over the Mountain are probably the 2 best contructed solo's from zakk wylde and rhandy roads, and i love playing those solo's when i pratice. Keep on rocking and rollin bro!

          Clan; Quake Marines