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[VIDEO] Slippster is GODLIKE! Tank Ownage PartII

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    [VIDEO] Slippster is GODLIKE! Tank Ownage PartII

    SWEET! My first online GODLIKE!

    Music by Ozzy Osbourne: No More Tears, Over The Mountain

    Slippster's 1st Godlike Video at File Front <- WMV format download available!

    Slippster's 1st Godlike Video at You Tube


    omg what a blast! moments of raw pwnage,
    and sheer terror as i almost ate the avalanche!
    This game was played in the UMG 64 man server.
    24 players were present in this game.

    Have Fun!

    PS- i am happy to announce i have chosen File Front as my host for all my videos
    for use as a WMV format mirror, and they also have streaming video services!!
    so you can watch the video onsite, and then, if you like it, and maybe want a keeper version,
    you may download the video in its original WMV format, which is very clean,
    and details are more precise than crappy you tube quality.

    Enjoy, all!

    Congrats! I bet next time you get Massacre


      Congrats on your first online godlike.

      Tho spamming tank shells in a 64 player map is iffy, nonetheless you've reached your own personal goal.



        Good job and congrats all around! Nice pick on the music!


          HAHAA Thanks!
          it wasnt really a goal, it just happened along the way.
          when i saw the GODLIKE on the screen my hands were so shaky ...
          i was full of adrenaline and my heart was pounding !!
          awesome stuff !
          I have to admit i wasnt too sure about UT3 at first, but now im hooked!
          i just hope some of my enthusiasm rubs off on some of those who have never seen the game, and the community grows!
          once you get past all the " the game wont do this ...wont do that"
          and just focus on the game you forget about all that and just have fun.
          thats what its all about!

          HAVE FUN!


            Wow i wish i felt the same way about the game as you do... Godlike kills are just so much as 2nd nature to me T_T


              Everyone remembers their first time


                I have updated the thread - added File Front links to the main post.
                File Front is my new home for 95% of everything i have to offer.
                they now offer streaming video services as well as image and data.
                download speeds are 1 MBps yes! 1 megabyte per second!
                cant beat it.

                enjoy the fruits of my labor !
                have fun everyone...
                \\nn// \\nn//


                  Originally posted by Slippster View Post
                  Everyone remembers their first time
                  I don't...than again I'm a DM/TDM player so I guess its a little less likely to happen


                    Its really not that hard to do with a 2man goliath and someone healing when necessary
                    but nevertheless well played and congrats!


                      Congrats Slippster


                        Thank you sir !! i never said anything about difficulty,
                        only that it was a rockin good time !
                        nothing beats adreneline ! and man i was ON IT!
                        at one point i was down to 15 personal health, and tank near 200 or less...
                        an easy kill i dont know how i didnt die right off when cybersix manta'd me.
                        i bailed the tank fully expecting it to explode... some hairy moments..

                        not hard....but FUN !! AND THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT.

                        the game is still young we have some awesome video technology & tools
                        game play and my videos will only get more intense as i keep on keeping on.
                        i focus on intensity in music and action in my vids
                        this one was special to me because it was my "First Time"
                        and im always a bit sentimental about these sorts of things.

                        I popped my GODLIKE cherry muahahahahahahaa


                          Would have liked to watch the video, but unfortunately It's been hacked by someone and had some kind of music audio track overlaid, still well done on your achievement


                            Grats on your achievement. ^^


                              Would have liked to watch the video, but unfortunately It's been hacked by someone and had some kind of music audio track overlaid, still well done on your achievement
                              ?? HUH? youre being cheeky right? lol. i get it...
                              (its how i do my videos)

                              visit my you tube page and see all my gaming vids;
                              they all have the same theme: power heavy metal + high intensity gameplay

                              best of both worlds.

                              HERES HOW I SET IT UP.
                              play music in pc #2, and port it into PC #1 which is playing the game.
                              im all about mixing audio and gameplay video on-the-fly
                              it drives the intensity of my gameplay as i also am recording the game+music onto DVD.

                              then i port the DVD video back to the PC via (USB) in Dixv avi format,
                              using an analog to digital conversion box called DVD XpressDX2
                              and edit it ( adding my logo and title grafix,) Adobe Premiere Elements
                              and convert it to WMV high bit rate format for quality
                              and then i upload it to the various Video sites populating the web.

                              right now the best site to view this is my newly created File Front page.
                              good quality and you can download the video in its native format WMV
                              playable on your XP or Vista media player.

                              ROCK ON MY UT3 BROTHAS AND SISTAS! \\nn// \\nn//