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Im missing something

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    Im missing something

    In some way i dont feel satisfied with the game.It looks awsome and it plays great but i get bored at the game very fast.I dont see many full servers so my guess is that many people think the same way.How do you guys think about it?Im waiting for modifications to spice the game up.Maybe more health or something and the vehicles less powerfull.I could be all wrong but im just trying to figure out what im missing in the game.Share your opinion TIA!

    Give it more time to pick up some speed, they did get the right combonation of speed and game play right, just (as you stated) needs better mod (with stats support) and maps.
    Try checking out the UMG servers, those servers tend to ALWAYS have a decent game going.
    If not try checking out some IRC channels (Just serach around they're really not hard to find) for some PUGS (Pick Up Games).
    (This is for PC)

    Again, I haven't been disappointed by the UMG servers, always a good match going on.
    If you're a CTF player, I've found that Flag junkies Crib has really good players on it (Some of the best players I have seen for UT3).
    Hope that helps Bro, don't be discouraged as of yet, like fine wine a good game takes time to mature. I have a feeling this is poised to be one of the best.
    (First game that comes to mind is CS, and many more).