this is for the EU, not sure if US is having same probs.

first they are online with 16 slots (great)

then they disappear a few times but come back (ok a few teething problems)

then they disappear but come back with 8 slots max (fine for dm and tdm, but **** for anything else)

now they have gone again totally (great)

The non official servers are just too laggy to have a decent game on, no matter what the ping shows as there is always a noticable delay on the weapons. UT3 doesn't have many players anyway and these issues with the official servers can't be helping matters, i know online games always need patching and fixes etc, but they really need to sort this out ASAP while the game is still new to attract and keep players, there have been so many posts on the official EU playstation forums complaining about such issues.
What we really need:

Official servers that stay online!
around max 8 players for DM and TDM
and 16 (current max on PS3) for CTF, VCTF, and Warfare

I really do love UT (played since ut99) but these server problems are sucking all the fun out of the game!