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UT3 random freezes with patch 1.2

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    UT3 random freezes with patch 1.2

    Edit: Ah balls, I posted in the wrong forum. Could someone move this to the troubleshooting forum please? Thanks.


    I've not seen anyone else post with this problem and my searching has turned up all the old threads for freezing problems before the latest patch.

    Basically, patch 1.1 seemed to fix the instability problems I was having but they seem to have been reintroduced since I've installed patch 1.2. I can sometimes play a couple of maps before the game freezes and I'm forced to do a hard reset, but sometimes it's a matter of minutes before it happens. I haven't managed to work out a common denominator in terms of the situation in which it arises.

    My specs:

    Asus P5KC motherboard.
    Intel Q6600 quad-core CPU at 2.4ghz.
    4GB OCZ RAM.
    nVidia 8800 GTX - using 169.21 release drivers. The 169.28/44 betas didn't resolve the issue.
    Seagate 500GB SATA-II HDD.
    Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer 7.1 - OpenAL is disabled.
    Windows XP - fully patched with /PAE enabled.