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Scorpion and Viper suicide procedures

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    Scorpion and Viper suicide procedures

    noob alert!

    ok how exactly do i pull this off?

    aim Scorpion at tank ..tap space bar ..jets fire up,
    car hits bounces off tank...then nothing.

    is there a time window? do i need to tap another key to execute the maneuver?

    what am i not doing?

    and the cluless on that as well

    any help is appreciated.

    for the scorpion, you need speed, you have to be away from the tank, than fast drive into it by pressing e

    for the viper, you have to jump heigh, and at the highest point, you can do the suicide


      oh? tap "e" ...ok gonna go try it.

      same key for Viper i take it ?


        With the scorpion you have to eject yourself by pressing the 'use' key (E and enter by default). With the viper you jump into the air and hold secondary fire. It will eject you automatically.


          ok i tried the scorpion- very cool! made it work for the first time !
          didnt kill anything, just tested it.
          it worked.
          car launched ( tap space bar ) i tapped "e" and it ejected me and exploded into the crystals ( avalanche map)

          now to make it second nature like everything else

          thanks guys!


            You know it's second nature or not when you'll face an enemy scorpion

            Fingers on the triggers, may the best man win.




                I think you can activate the scrop's self destruct (or rather, it's speed boost function) by double clicking the mosue 1 button.


                  ill try that. thanks.
                  much easier for aiming, then timing the space bar and my index finger for the E key


                    Originally posted by H3i53nb3rg View Post
                    I think you can activate the scrop's self destruct (or rather, it's speed boost function) by double clicking the mosue 1 button.
                    I thought it was double-tap the throttle, but I could be mistaken.

                    btw, I really wish people would refer to input "keys" by their action, not the key (i.e. "Use", not "E"), because I for one change away from the defaults to a scheme that works best for me.


                      okay double tapping the left mouse does nothing.

                      double tapping the "W" key and HOLDING IT pressed, if you let off the key, the thrust will cease.
                      so its more controllable. you can "turn off" the rockets.

                      tapping the SPACE BAR once executes the full thrust of the rockets.
                      you cannot "turn it off"
                      youre in for the full ride.

                      and the USE or "E" key executes the suicide explosion sequence.

                      so there ya have it.

                      now for the Viper.


                        Yeah I never used the double-tap because hitting the spacebar is easier for me, but I didn't realize you could turn off the rockets while using it. Good tip!


                          Both the Viper and the Scorpion will give small beeps when their self-destruct sequence is activated, and show a hint text as well. Particularly the beeps are really useful for knowing when to escape.