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Uhm Quuuuestion....

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    Uhm Quuuuestion....

    Well i play the game on my laptop its fine i dont complain about the offline play but i get alot of lagging when im in the internet game one second im fighting and a nother second im like hugging a wall or something just want to know if there is a way to fix this btw i have a wifi card in my cpu so i have no cable but yet the ping is just fine 50-90 or so please gimme some tips

    the wifi card is the problem. I had the same problem here. A fix cable will fix your problem


      Its depending on the server you are connected to.

      Then it depends on your internet connection. In germany, normal DSL is only available with interleaving, wich will produce a standard ping of 50 -70 on good situations. Then there is an option to turn of the interleaving, then a nice ping is availlable.

      Modem: forget it...
      ISDN will do < 50 (even pings of 30ms are possible) Ping depending on your provider and how much load the game produces
      DSL/cable depends only on your provider, interleaving and your routing. The last point, is the server.

      In the server browser of ut3, search for the servers with the lowest ping. This would be the best choice for you.

      Wireless LAN only produces a lag of a maximum of 1 - 2ms. Depending of the chipset of your wlan-card and access point.


        Change Wi-fi to fixed cable. Wi-fi cannot keep a connection at full speed 100% at at all times.