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more weapon bob?

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    more weapon bob?

    It might be because Ive gotten back to playing Crysis, but i gotta say that I like the way they had the rifles sway around the screen when you run.
    I was hoping someone would kinda imitate this for UT. I know alot of people actually disable weapon bobbing, and that just looks strange to me; like running around with a stale french bread. I actually would like the weapon to bob more, but not make my screen shake.
    heres a small (4.26mb) video of what im talking about.
    Btw this was done by setting in UTGame.ini-
    Bob=99.000 (or just any high amount)
    Try to focus your attention on just the flak cannon in the corner of the two clips and tell me which seems more normal or umm realistic?
    Is there a way make the weapon bob setting separate from the point of view bob?

    Not without modding, no.