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    Somebody should make a huge warfare map. It could have like 5 tanks, 10 mantas, 5 hellbenders, and then like 7 scorpions, for each base. Then the nodes could have even more vehicles.


      ^ YEAH and a leviathan a well


        Originally posted by Shadow]I[ View Post
        yes, they are much funner with more players as you don't have to drive around everywhere looking for an enemy
        In WAR, if you have to drive around looking for someone to kill, then your totally clueless.

        Maps like Bittersands, Kakmo, and quite a few others in UT2004 could handle 48 or maybe 54 players at most, but 64, I really doubt it. The map would need to be huge, bigger than Dria or multi level. There would need to be at least 2-3 prime nodes multipathed with a large center area requiring many players to control. Basically, you need at least 3-4 active attack areas at all times. 64 players attacking prime node in Downtown is a waste of time spam fest, may as well play 32 player Biohazard where what you step in kills you before you get a bio rifle.


          twisted face could handle 64 players easy...but framerate might go down.....


            I was playing warfare on a server that got to about 56 players, and i'd never thought i'd say this, but WARFARE IS AMAZING WITH 64 PLAYERS (on the larger maps of course).

            I noticed that the team dynamic was even more pronounced. Quick orb runs become impossible, and you see small squads of offense and defense begin to form up. The communication is a lot more frequent, and capturing a node becomes a team effort, because solo orb runs are never successful when the other team has 10 guys at the node.

            That and it looks amazing to have a sky full of link gun rounds and flak shells flying back and forth.

            I for one would love to see more 64 player servers (with low ping)