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Nine years on and I cant bind ''Incoming!''...

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  • started a topic Nine years on and I cant bind ''Incoming!''...

    Nine years on and I cant bind ''Incoming!''...

    First off, I love UT3, but it is missing elements from what makes UT...well, UT for me. I still regularly play UT Classic and found some annoying gaps in UT3. These things dont seem much but they make what is UT for me.

    The good old Speech Binder. (Not the **** V menu). Online matches just arent the same without being able to communicate with other players.
    Notifying the flag defenders that enemies are ''Incoming'' can make all the difference in a CTF game. Also when you taunt/communicate it would show your character in the HUD to you, not just other players. Both of these dont exist in UT3...why?


    I have read some posts about player names being in the way in UT3..why not just revert back to this method, plus it displays health much clearer than the HP bar. Also with teammates UT3 doesnt display ANY info on what the hell teammates are up to. UT2004 was more indepth in the case of Onslaught by difining each player's location/what they were doing and what vehicle they were using, if any(No pics of UT2004 sorry, uninstalled). Also for Onslaught, what happened to custom node setup? This made one map turn into 50maps without have 50 10mg files.

    UT Classic's bot configuration was great for not fighting the same foes offline all the time. I found with UT3, offline I seem to face the same bots, constantly, which gets repetitive. Why not bring back the indepth customisation that UT Classic's bot config gave.

    Also add the Spectate mode for botmatches in UT3, this is needed to test custom maps as the AI just acts different in the ingame editor.

    Other issues not to do with whats missing from previous games.
    I know lots of players have brought these up before, I agree with them, and just emphasising the need for them to be fixed:

    1:The terrible FPS when near a portal, its caused when it renders the ''live preview'', an option (in graphics detail or something) to turn off this live preview in portals would work wonders as once u get the right distance from the portal, it shows no live preview and is fine. As portals in Warfare are situated near all major parts of combat, it makes games with large player counts almost impossible to play.

    2:Notification on HUD when a teammate has grappled onto your vehicle(both name of teammate, health of teammate, if teammate has orb/flag.

    Extra stuff that would make UT3 extra shiny:

    1:Vehicle sprees: Like weapon sprees but ones for each vehicle's weapon, such as ''Shell Shocker'' for killing with goliath tank shells X amount of times.

    2:Smart CTF/WAR: Like the old smart CTF mod made for UT Classic where you gain more points for covering the flag carrier/sealing off the base for inbound flag carrier. It announced when you covered the flag carrier/sealed off the base and you could even attain covering/seal sprees.

    Well thats all I can think of atm as it is 5am. Dont get me wrong, I love what Epic has created, but it just seems to have forgot some of the good old features that make UT for me. Happy fragging and sorry if this is in the wrong thread area, thought I would make my first post important, lol.