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    U.K PS3 Players...

    About us:

    Rogue gamers is a clan that got its roots in various other games and clans. Some people may remember BRIT-PACK or BLOODPACK from RFOM. Our goal now is to begin a multi-game clan, with the base that we've already got. Myself and EvilElement will be running the website for gamers who are interested.


    We are currently going to be recruiting here for UT3. Keep in mind that if you sign up with us on UT3 that means that you will have a clan on nearly all future games as well. In addition to games that are currently out.


    A website is critical for a multi-game clan. It provides one central locations where all members from all games can come together and discuss whats going on and what games to possibly move to. Right now, we've got the whole site bought and set up already.

    It can be found here:

    If you're at all interested in joining the clan and becoming part of the multi-game experience then please either contact me on here, via PSN. Or, preferably, register on the forums and leave a little bit about yourself, so we can get to know you.

    Thanks for you time, ladies/gentlemen.

    Cool, it looks like a serious Clan, will leave and application. Thanks for the info mate.


      Hey there could it be possible to join, even though i aint from the UK? My english's pretty fine.


        Thanks Guys, Glad Ur Interested.


          sounds kool.might think of joining.