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UT3 Patch 1.2 on main site?

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    Patches are compatible with each other, so what servers are visible in the browser has absolutely nothing to do with what version you're using.

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  • started a topic UT3 Patch 1.2 on main site?

    UT3 Patch 1.2 on main site?

    Supposedly patch 1.2 is released. However, if you visit the official unreal tournament 3 site: the patch is still be shown as only 1.1 for download. If version 1.2 doesn't get listed here, many people won't update because they won't think its an official patch. Believe me I have family that thinks this way. I tried to get my dad to update to version 1.1 the other day and I had to prove to him that it wasn't some mod, it was the official patch. Also some of my friends do this same thing.

    Basically, if you don't start streamlining the updates somehow to make them follow a standard guideline of "Official" -ness then only some people will update. So the end result will be 1/3 of the UT3 community on version 1.0 you will have 1/3 the UT3 community on version 1.1 and then another 1/3 of the UT3 community on version 1.3. So then the multiplayer community will die off quickly (like it already is) I have a whopping 10 servers under 100 ping because nobody is playing version 1.1 right now, the majority is still in patch 1.0.

    The point is, its a marketing factor that needs to be taken into consideration if you want to be more successful. I am a hardcore gamer as many of the other people on this forum are. And if we have a bad multiplayer experience (which is the reason why most of us game) than we won't be buying the sequel which means your already losing money on your next project.

    Basically, for UT4 or whatever you decide, it really needs to incorporate some Auto-Patch/Auto-Update feature where the moment you log-in, it forces the player to update to the latest version in order to play online. That way, EVERYONE is on the same version, thus creating a larger online community. The larger the online community you create, and the better experience these people have, the more likely they will buy the next game because they are getting excited!

    To be honest, I'm not impressed with UT3. I was dissapointed with many aspects of the game. It's fresh, it's worth playing, but it's worn out. I got it because I wanted to play online, however with only a handful of servers to choose from (because everybody is on different versions) and only a handful of players to play with... I don't play UT3 much. Which is dissapointing because I waited a long time for it to come out. Now I don't even want to hear somebody come on here and say "Omg another complainer" because if you have half a brain, you will see that I'm not complaining, I am simply giving an honest opinion, suggestion, and review with only (ONE) motive: To (HELP) Epic Games!

    I love the Unreal Engine, its a very very smooth running engine that allows even the lowest graphics cards to experience great graphics and a fun fast paced game. However, it just simply gets boring quick when there isn't many people to play with online, because they are all segregated by different patch versions.

    Doesn't any else feel this way?