Well, how cool… a new patch to get UT3 together. EPIC people….please play/test your own creation for a change. First you bring out UT3 completely incomplete. Since than you had to develop two patches to get it working. And still you haven’t got the job right.

For example why the 1.2 patch is a disappointment --> A crosshair fix is made.. which is a good thing because the crosshair in UT3 is very poor. But instead of making it better or giving it UT2003 like options to personalise it, EPIC takes an already poor crosshair and makes it tweakable to the wrong direction . Now we can make it big and small. ****, it is so useless. An instagib-player really needs an UT2003 like crosshair setup to tweak the crosshair. Simply because he/she relies heavy on a good to be seen crosshair. A white small crosshair like in UT3 is in cases of firing towards higher buildings with bright-sky background almost impossible because you cant see a white crosshair on a bright background!! You have to be able to make your own crosshair green for example. It has to stand out from the screen.

Another example is the order/taunt menu. What happened to orders/taunts like “Roger, I’m on it, Got it, I got your back, Incoming, I am on defence, I am on offence” and so on. The best taunt menu is still the one in UT99 where you can use your mouse which in my opinion is still the fastest way to get through the menu. Therefore EPIC….test your own creation on effectiveness and efficiency.

Apart from the patch but still a stupid mistake from EPIC the next comment: (I am not sure if I am correct about this but I can’t find it anywhere).
In UT99, 2003 and 2004 you were able to get in the preferences-menu by typing it after you tabbed the tab-button. Very good way to really get the best out of your PC. Getting better frame rates, smoother game-play and so on. Why is this not an option in UT3 . This game really needs it! It’s like EPIC decided not to learn any lessons from there previous Unreal tournament creations and just simply made the UT3 menu after a good night drinking from the money earned of the previous tournaments….However, I am not completely disappointed in the game though. Its just the menu and lack of options to get better performances.

I play Unreal tournament since UT99 and played all of them very intense. and I was hoping to get what I paid for when I bought UT3. Sorry for the poor English, its not my first language.