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Patch 1.3 Wish list!

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      -Real Options (as per previous installments of Unreal\UT)

      I don't see how this isn't viewed as a bug...
      Having this menu greatly increases (more advanced) users to tweak the engine to run the game in a manner that best suits them and their machine. Which in turn gives a more positive experience of the game (and a greater chance to sell more copies).
      Massive over sight, to have only the kiddie options menu use or expect users to tweak .ini's.
      Yes, I understand the preferences menu was\is the exact same as tweaking the .ini's, But having in-game access sure made refining the engine a heck of a lot easier\faster.
      I'm sure this has been covered more then once before, so uhhh Epic...what does that tell you?


        Smaller name tags that are very short range only and do not block your view

        The player name tags of your team mates are way too big and block your view. Makes it hard to aim at enemy players blocked by the oversize name tags. These should be small and only be visible at very short range. I have seen other have this same complaint. It is specially a pain in WARfare. You only need to know who the player is real up close, not at medium or long range.


          Just incase it has been forgotten (too many pages to read)...

          Client side Demo Recording.
          An option to Pause and FF when playing the demo back.
          A list showing what packages missing to watch a demo would also be great.

          An option for AutoPause if someone drops.
          An option for taking a Time Out.

          Unreal TV =)


            Patch 1.3

            I would love to see the skin i customized in the settings work everytime not just once in a while.


              I only wish that UT3 becomes playable online.
              It is sometimes difficult for me to hit an enemy now.
              (Even with pings of 80).

              Offline -> no problem.
              You aim the enemy while running and hit him exactly.
              Online you have to shoot in front of him.
              That sucks!



                Allow us to toggle to a background that is NOT a ut3 map, but a stationary image, so as to eliminate the loading needed to access the main menu.

                Allow us an option to toggle player highlighting and also to use team skins, to help make the players more obvious in darkly-lit maps. Just like we could do in ut2004.



                  I've added it somewhere else already but this is a good place too:
                  -ability to randomize bots
                  -"drop the camera" feature as seen in Battlefield 2142 - especially nice when you drive tank or a walker - camera is "dropped" on the ground in front the vehicle, so you can pass nearly over it. You can still pan the camera and have full controll over the vehicle, just perspective is different and you don't see exactly where you aim


                    I will say something about one, little and irritating thing.

                    Namely in servers list is visible column named "Ping". It's unfortunate name, because Ping is a name of program/tool to determine size of lags (latency). Many players use "ping" term as technical term for latency during online play. It's really incorrect!

                    Please, change name of column in servers list from "Ping" to "Latency" (it is in Counter-Strike) or "Lag". It isn't difficult to do.

                    Incorrect using of "ping" is irritating like a pebble in shoe. Mistakes, get out!


                      1- First person view on hoverboard
                      2- Window-base options with mouse (add friends, send message, etc.) with right clic
                      3- By all mean, in WAR, the possibility to set your spawn point rather than you orders or waiting for the map to come up.
                      4- In the Scrore menu, showing ping and time on the server, always.



                        Feature set for v1.3 locked. Thanks!