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shud i buy UT:3 on ps3

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    yes - this is great game and really very good PS3 implementation


      Originally posted by FromHereOn View Post
      UT3 on PS3 has the potential to smoke out Call of Duty 4 as an FPS.

      Having a CTF mode is almost enough for me.

      The voice chat is currently trashed. It may be fixed in the near future, but I've been told that for a very long time.

      Proceed with caution if $60 is a big hit to your wallet.
      its £50 out of my dad wallet lololol


        ty all 4 posting. also wats a mod? is a mod like a moderator of a forums to keep control of it. or is it sumthing completely different on ut:3




            a mod in this regard is a user created map, model, gamemode etc

            as for getting it on ps3 i'd say wait until epic release some info and a timeframe for a patch (should be announced next week) as peeps are dropping the game because its taken too long and the game is broken atm


              You should buy it. It's a great game and is solid. I would not agree at all that it "should not have been released". True, it's got some issues, the biggest probably being the voice support not working. As I don't own a headset I just go on to frag and have great games every time. Playing in the EU Midway servers is great, ping seems excellent in those. Thats what I was waiting for. Even in user created servers the performance is usually very good when making sure to join lower ping servers.

              If it's true that a patch is to be accounced next week things should improve.


                "Mod" is a shorter term for "Modification"

                Essentially, ANY Map, Vehicle, Weapon, Gametype, Mutator (Allows changing of things in the game), etc is a Mod.

                By the by, I had UT3 on PS3, but I ditched my PS3 since I only ever play on PC. BUT, the game is practically identical on the PS3 (a slight bit lower on the eye-candy level, but still very, very close) and I think it is definitely one of the better FPS games on the market.

                I may be a smidge biased, since COD4 is sooooo much like sooooo many other war games.

                As for the issues, they are slight for the most part and the majority of the community runs the game fine.

                Within the year, after a few patches, this game will be as rock-solid as any other (and probably then some) and I am certain the player base will shoot up over the course of the months after the upcoming PS3 patch.


                  ty all 4 replying