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Possible? fps issues.

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    Possible? fps issues.

    i have q6600, 8800gt 512 mb, 2 gigs of ram.

    It all started on the map Reflection. This time was the first time that i personally felt a bit "weird". i decided to check my fps and realized it was dipping to the would fluctuate from 60-100 fps, which does not create smooth gameplay. Now, i am not sure if this is just a coincedence or not, but this is the first time i checked my fps on this map, but it is also the first time i noticed a problem. It was right after i installed the first beta patch for patch #1.

    Now, i have no idea if the patch caused it....or if i had been having issues before. Although, i do not remember having any issues AND, i don't feel lag in warfare maps with a lot of i shouldn't considering my rig. i remember someone else saying he was experiencing similiar issues with the patch (aka fps drops)

    Not sure if this helps but in my nvidia control panel, this is what i have.

    AA - gamma correction = on
    AA - mode = override any application setting
    AA setting = 16x
    AA transparency = multisampling
    conformant texture clamp = use hardware
    error reporting = on
    extension limit = on <---no idea what this is
    force minimaps = none <---no idea what this is
    max pre-rendered frames = 3 <---no idea what this is
    multidisplay/mixed gpu acceleration= multiple display performance mode <---no idea what this is (now that i'm reading over this for like two monitors or something?????? because i only have one crt )
    texture filtering anisotropic sample option = off
    TF negative lod bias = allow
    tf quality = quality
    tf trilinear optimization = off
    threaded optimization = auto
    triple buffering = on
    vertical sync = use the 3d application setting.

    i know what your thinking 16x is super high. but i thought ut3 didn't even support AA and it can only be forced through your control panel? and even then, the highest it can go is 4xx in the game? or am i wrong? even if i'm right, is the 16x killing my fps and not showing any difference in the visuals?

    what about the other options?

    any help would be greatly appreciated ^_^

    use some tweak guide ... 1000 threads about issues aint enough, you must crate a new one


      AA set on 2 or 4, 16X is too much for 8800GT.


        Some people I know and myself included have been noticing problems with some maps, specially reflection.

        I have a:
        Q6600 @ 3.2ghz
        2GB Ram
        I score 14200 on 3dmark06 so I have plenty of power to run UT3

        playing at 1280x960 with world detail at 1 and texture detail at 5. the lowest fps i get in that map are around 130, but when I play online with 5v5, it feels like 20fps in the middle and in the bases, even thought it shows that im getting 130+ frames.

        we've come to the conclusion that It could be either the 8800gt itself, or a netcode issue. when we are online and there is only 4-6 people on the maps, the problems is not as bad, but when its 5v5 it becomes really bad.

        we also tested a server with 5v5 of which 8 of these players were bots and the problems didn't happen.....any input is appreciated.


          I would just like to point out that you will probably not be able to tell the difference between 60 and 100 fps. Not that you are unable to sense a change, but more that if you have an LCD you probably have a refresh rate of 60hz, which gives you a max fps of 60 no matter what your video card pumps out.

          I have an 8800 GT 512 as well, and I have to say that using 16x AF and 16x AA is your problem. For smooth gameplay I personally recommend turning off AA and turning on vsync. What do you need AA for in a twitch shooter anyway? You should be moving so fast that jaggies shouldn't matter.


            Certain people can tell these differences just so you know. In my case, I use a CRT and if the refresh rate is below 75, I get a headache and I can actually see the horizontal lines as the go down. same with a light bulb. I can actually see them blinking really fast.


              i can definitely tell the difference......ESPECIALLY with it fluctuating so much.

              really sonik? it did feel quite horrible.....i didn't try it offline though. do you think it could be the patch? or the hardware isn't enough for the settings i had in my control panel?

              and btw, if you could possibly enlighten me on some of the functions of the features i listed, i'd appreciate it.


                also 60fps is no way slow, fact its like perfect gameplay. also when i play me eyes dont focus very well, too much action for my eyes 2 take in. lol


                  As far as it concernes me and my system, the patch didn't improve oder decreased my frames^^
                  I still can play very good with good frames, having every 9-10 matches a short FPS lag ofr about 10 seconds and then everything's fine again ^^