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    Bot target prioritisation

    This really is the best thing about the patch. We can now play with bots of a far higher level in a game of Warfare, so your teammates and opposition will be cleverer. The bots won't seek you out and target you for being the number 1 opponent

    I've only played against skilled bots so far, and at higher levels the bots might do this....

    One thing that would make the bots more realistic though is a few tweaks.

    I now drove past a scorpion in my manta. Bots should always attack opponents vulnerable to your weapon - so a tank should always blast scorpions, scorpions should always target mantas, raptors should usually attack other air vehichles.

    As a general rule though any thorn in the side player should get a higher priority. If a player is on a killing spree, then he needs to be stopped - so again be priorotised higher.

    But overall, the change is massively positive, and far far better than was.

    Now I guess it'll be fun playing against a lot more difficult bots in Warfare - so the general skill will be raised, without the game being ridiculously difficult.

    Just played a round of warfare vs godlike bots.

    Absolutely brilliant. A really good, challenging, flowing game. This patch has transformed the playability of Warfare against bots.