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    As another bug, yesterday while specing a Duel (and waiting forever for it to end), one player had a second set of motionless arms hovering just above his player. It looked pretty lame.

    Now, if he could actually wield weapons in them, I'd say a hack, but as it was, just a stupid bug. Maybe Coco had Goggles of Invisibility, or something? RPG hack!


      Originally posted by Tweakd View Post
      Nice pics. It's either a weird bug or he managed to create an almost invisible custom character. In fact it's interesting that the face is still visible as it suggests it was intentional. Whats the point of being completely invisible if you just want to go and show off to some people. If he couldnt be seen at all then people would be slower to notice a problem.

      Funny stuff

      Switching allow custom characters off would fix this. This is the first cheat i've seen incidently. Where are all these other ones that people keep mentioning?
      hehe can't discuss here