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Please help with Unreal for PS3 Error!!!!!!!!

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    Please help with Unreal for PS3 Error!!!!!!!!

    I just bought today Unreal 3 for PS3. When i try to go online i get this message:

    Online features require a PLAYSTATION Network connection. Access to online feature will be disabled. Connection to server was lost.

    1. I'm loged in in to PLAYSTATION NETWORK when I'm trying to play multiplayer.
    2. Tested internet connection. Works perfectly.
    3. I tried to swap and try another games online like "Burnout Paradise", "COD4",no problems at all.
    4.I'm using wireless connection.

    Please can anybody help me? Anyone else had or have the same problem?

    Talk about rotten timing for you.

    Gamespy is down. NO ONE is able to play UT3 right now. Now, I'm on the PC, and until now, I never thought about what PS3 users use, but I guess it makes sense that Gamespy would be used for all platforms.

    So unless I'm mistaken, the problem for you is that the Playstation Network can't connect to the Gamespy servers. You just will have to wait it out.


      This also happens when you click Multiplayer too fast.

      If you click Multiplayer right away before the game has a chance to login to your PSN (even if logged in to PSN on XMB), it displays this message, locks out online fields and you need to restart the game I think. Pretty silly bug but just watch down the bottom of the screen for your PSN name to appear so you know it's logged in properly, before trying to join games.


        exactly! I got the same weird error when I click "multiplayer" just a second after seeing it..
        it locks in multiplayer section! Then sometimes I can join or host a game, but cannot go back to the main menu


          Happens to me on occasion as well; just take your time when booting everything up and it will be fine.

          You can see if your signed in on the lower left hand of the menu screen, make sure you see your PSN ID before selecting the multi-player.


            yea this bug is so annoying i hope they fix it in the patch though