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LTS server NA list plz

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    LTS server NA list plz

    Ok so I'm really looking forward with this mod, but I'm kinda bored to play vs bots and I can't find a lot of server with this mod on it. I actually have only 2 servers NA with it on it but there's not a lot of people at the same time on it.

    So I'm looking for some more server. Maybe we can make a little list of server where the mod's on it to be able to find some good LTS game!!!

    I'll start the list with the 2 servers that I know both in NA with nice ping and with dodgejump on it (optional) so just complete the list if you enjoy the mod like I'm...

    1: (mutator dodgejump)

    2: (mutator dodgejump)

    3: ...

    Maybe a server with customUt on it sound good but anyway I just wanna find some more server that you guys know where there's people on it+LTS mod to have nice little fight on pub like I had with ut2k4TAM.

    Thanks in advance guy and I hope to see you soon on a pub!

    whats with the dodgejump mutator


      Just to let you guys know what mutator are on what server with LTS on it so if people like to play without this mutator, just write the ip pf the server and say there's no mutator on it...

      If you find a server with CustomUT on it well just let us know. I just wanna make a little list of server but mod are optional... I mean I just wanna know if you know more server with LTS on it w/e mutator are with it it's optional anyway in my request!

      My xfire's AND ingame name's "NoRules" if you want to have some good game just add me!

      Thanks you!