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    Need some Assistance :)

    I have 2 simple questions that I hope some of you veteran/pc smart players might be able to help me with ^^

    I just download ACTIONCAM from and absolutely love it. The gears of war like camera really changed the way I play the game. But I have noticed something, and have tested and re-downloaded the file just to help verify my question.

    When I play in original FPS style, never do players or bots randomly disappear from my screen as if they had some serious out of control lag. I've made my own server VS Bots and they don't vanish but regular players do. This occurs when I turn ACTIONCAM on when I host a server. Does this normally happen when ACTIONCAM is enabled on servers? Example would be chasing someone (with ACTIONCAM enabled) and they would like, disappear for a sec than reappear in front of me. It kinda gets frustrating when I have the perfect sniper shot going for me ; ;

    Second question. As for adding friends, why is it when I receive a friend request, and accept it, I have to send them a friend request of my own. That's very strange. Is this a glitch that's going to be fixed or is this how the game works? Send a request, receive it...than counter it lol.

    I would have posted this question on the comments section but this place looks so lively and full of talent that I know someone will probably help me with some info ^^

    PSN~ LoLskilled87 (I host Death match/Team death match games. Eastern time zone)

    Add me and let's play a few games

    I think this is a known bug that is going to be patched soon, but I could be wrong.


      Thanks for the quick response. I went back to to find out the creator of the mod than went to the original site where the mod was posted. Another player posted a similar question and the creator of the mod stated that the glitch would be fixed in the next patch.

      Any extra input though would be appreciated.


        They might be using Mutator-Stealth Arena.