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Download custom maps by joining server ?

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    Download custom maps by joining server ?

    How come you can't download maps just by joining a server? why do you have to manually download it onto your computer and then copy it to the PS3? they aren't that big...

    Why can't they just let you download it like the mutators?

    isn't this THE natural way for good maps to spread? as it is now we will never get the custom maps up and running like they should..

    Take this map for instance:

    I want to play this beautiful classic Q3 map but no one can join because they are too lazy to walk over to their computer and get it, the current system is not good.

    I'm sorry I'm just really dissapointed. I hear so much good things about this game, custom maps and all, but no one plays them bacause it's too hard to get many players on one map.

    I sat for one hour waiting for someone to join my game but no one came.


      It would be great if they could get some maps on the PSN so that people can get them from there. that would work too.

      or update the community section so that you can get maps from there.