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Weapon Sensitivity Script

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    Weapon Sensitivity Script

    This is a quote from Rajinn (cheers mate) from a previous thread:

    Originally posted by Rajinn View Post
    setsensitivity xx.xx (25 is equal to 2500 in the sensitivity menu)
    so switchweapon 9 | setsensitivity 10 for example
    I am still struggling with this.

    Which .ini file in which folder do i update?

    Which command do i change?

    How do i stop changes being overwritten when i restart the game?

    UTInput.Ini in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config (this is for XP, if you're running Vista, it's different)

    In UTInput.Ini - [UTGame.UTPlayerInput] section
    Bindings=(Name="Key",Command="SetSensitivity xx.xx",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

    Make sure the key is unbound from anything first. To do this you must go into ingame Settings and rebind the command on your intended key to a different key
    Ex: W is MoveForward by default, rebind MoveForward to something on the NumPad and W will be blank
    BUT before you go ingame, copy your UTInput.Ini and leave a copy in your Config folder
    Go ingame, play with bots or whatever(I'm pretty sure you need to load a map at least once) then exit out. Delete the UTInput.Ini and put your modified one in it's place. It should stick after that


      Great - thanks
      In fact nkvd3941 buys Kyllian a beer - got it working now.

      Its the unbinding in the UT3 UI of the keys that are already allocated does the trick.