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Minimum pc spec to run editor???

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    Minimum pc spec to run editor???

    Have the game on PS3 and I was wondering as I dont have a gaming spec pc.
    Would you be able to use the editor on a pc thats not up to spec ?
    ie; a bog standard laptop intel pentium M 1.6ghz with 502 mb Ram ???
    I would buy the pc version just to use the editor..

    Cheers for any advise as I'm not great with pc's.

    the editor actually needs a bit more than the game to run. you can't really run the editor comfortably ithout at least 2 gigs of ram, and probably a duel core.

    the ram is most important though. the packages contain dozens of files, and when you load up a package all of those files are dumped into ram for quick access (least thats how i understood it). and more often that not you'llwant to load at least 2 packages at a time, so i really don't think 502mb of ram will cut it