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Getting Booted all the Time

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    Getting Booted all the Time

    I play VCF on the PS3 version all the time and I get BOOTED constantly. I don't understand why people are able to do this. They should set up Locked Servers if their to weak to play online. Also, there should be some penalty for doing this, like a message saying ( Artic Blackcat is a Wussy ) for a certain amount of time. Anyone else have issues like this? Names of players? Ect?

    Is there even a kick/ban option on the ps3? I know there is on the pc.

    I'm on a dual T1 connetion and get kicked constantly...Connection lost or server time out... If I make it through 2 matches in a row I'm doing good.

    I know its not my connection, I got ****** off the other night and ran the ps3 connection through my laptop running packet capture software monitoring the connection to the server. It was never lost, nor did i get high ping times to the currently connected server. My connection to it was still lost.

    Its the dumb game...has way to many bugs...its almost a joke to see how long I can stay online. I dont have any issues w/ anyother online games.