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Unreal Tournament 3 using 8-cores (according to Gamespot)

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    Originally posted by oldkawman1 View Post
    Benchmarks show the AM2 platform has almost no advantage over the 939 if both have a CPU of the same clock even though the AM2 has DDR2 memory.

    AMD rolled out the AM2 in response to Intel's C2D taking the performance crown away from the athlon 64 socket 939 platform. The AM2 did not perform any better. The current AM2 advantage over the 939 platform is that chips are still available for the AM2 and they have higher clocks. The logical performance upgrade from a 939 platform is not AM2, but Intel socket 775.
    this man knows what he's talking about.

    upgrading to a quad core myself today,from a dual core 939 opteron. (which runs ut3 just as well as my friends identical clocked am2 system)