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No walk/jog/run with left analog stick PS3

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    No walk/jog/run with left analog stick PS3

    I'm playing Unreal Tournament III on a PS3 with the SIXAXIS controller.

    I have not been able to find a setting to allow the left analog stick function like the right analog stick... It's like UTIII has 'always run' enabled. This is fine most of the time, but sometimes it's hard to navigate at full speed when crossing a narrow bridge, etc.

    Instead of a "controller sensitivity" setting there should be a "controller acceleration" setting that works the same as "Turn Acceleration" but changes the left analog stick instead of the right analog stick.

    This further complicates into a 'bug' due to most SIXAXIS controllers having a little wiggle to them so they don't always re-center to the exact middle (they tend to auto center with just a tiny bit of forward motion). In most games this is not a problem because even though you do move, you are only walking at like 1" a second, but in UTIII with the automatic "always run" 'feature', it causes you to run at full speed (off a cliff or a bridge usually!).

    To us gamers, this is a huge bug. I did a search on this site before posting and found many posts about this same issue. The only solution currently looks to be to take apart your controller and clean it, get a replacement controller from Sony (if still less than a year old), or buy a new controller which will most likely work the same after you have put some gaming hours in with it.

    Please, please, please, Epic Games, fix this problem with a software patch. I would be more than glad to provide more detailed information if needed if it would help in the possibility of a software patch!

    Also, does anybody know if there is an official mechanism to report bugs to Epic Games?

    I guess the closest thing to "walk" would be crouch, which you guys dont have access to.


      I did more testing and learned more aspects to this problem. The left analog stick acts differently depending on which vehicle your in, or on foot, or hover-board. For example, when driving in a Manta, the left analog stick works exactly as I suggested (and how users expect the controls to function). So, when in a Manta I don't have any issue with my controller auto centering to slightly forward. My Manta still moves when this happens, but just barely ... maybe 6" sec. Lot's of time to react compared to full speed when on foot. I still think this needs to be fixed, but it should not be complicated because they already have the left analog stick movement working correctly for some of the vehicles.