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Bridging the gap between platforms.

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    Originally posted by Bersy View Post
    I'd say the likelihood's a little bigger now given the reality of the situation since release. This game needs something like that to bring the game some positive attention.
    I agree 100%. There are a few rooms that are always full, like 2% of all the servers have people on them. Personaly I think there are more people in these forums right now than there is in the game playing. Now on another note, I came from the X-Box Live community. The first game I played was UC 1, and then UC2 later on. I have over 80 friends that I met on live from the Unreal Championship series. When UT3 came out we divided. Some went to the PC, and some PS3. Now the guys that went to PS3 are having loads of fun playing all the gametypes with lots of people, and also getting into clans. All I want is to experiance that same kind of community. The only way IMO is cross-platform play. If it means slowing/speeding the game up, so be it.(I rather faster than slower myself). The game is alot more enjoyable with lots of people playing.


      I don't think they need to set anything in stone as far as one side making compromises for the other, UT3 is already clearly about the ability to play the game in a variety of ways. A cursory glance at the server browser in ANY of the games is all you need to do to be convinced that we'll never have options taken away from us (short of those that should have been in the game and aren't, but that's another story) and letting the two platforms play together will only help ensure that there is something for everyone on both platforms. Simple legends and added columns can be appended to the browser to let players know what kind of server it is and what gamespeed it's being run at..

      As of patch 1.2 we will supposedly be able to receive automatic UI updates. This can only make that process easier.


        Epic said before there wouldn't be crossplatform because they could only do it with one console. For some reason Sony and Microsoft don't want to have BOTH console play with PCs, only one.


          cross platform is the only thing that will save the PC ut3 community. i have been repeating this mantra for over a year, when it became clear what small percentage of PC users would actually have hardware capable of running this next-gen title.