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New EU midway servers

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    the EU release is tomorrow...

    let's hope for this patch, we really need it, I am starting to see many rooms I can't enter because of this "core package"... that's really annoying.. it takes me a lot to enter a game without this error, and obviously the rooms with the core package are usually the one with lowest pings
    I think that if the patch doesn't come in 2 weeks I'll have to sell the US version....


      for anyone wanting to play clan wars using EU / NTSC copy of the game, but are based in the EU, head over to and sign up. We are all gearing up for the launch, with tournies and ladders suporting the game, along with 30k EU users to play along with

      You cant connect to US servers though with an EU account - this has been tested and you just get an error. Also, the servers seem to be down...unrelated or a cause...? We just have to wait and see.