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How many ending are there?

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    How many ending are there?

    Well, just actually finished the campaign and got wondered how many possible ending are there. I ask this because there seem to be choices along the course of the campaign.

    I went through the campaign w/out playing Deck.

    Hmmm.....Akasha is very pretty and fun to look at.....What a ******** ending -,-

    Just the one ending.....
    ...Not that it is an ending - it's more of a teaser.

    The question is what comes next - do we need to wait for UT4, or will it continue in the bonus packs?


      There's two endings, if you really sucked during the campaign, you will get the ending where your teammates are all killed and your only female teammember is being dropped in front of you by akasha, dead.

      The other ending occurs if you played like a decent player, a pro UT player and kicked some serious ***.. There your team will infiltrate the entire necris base and kick some serious necris ***, and your team will be rewarded some medals by malcolm.

      ...ok there's only one ending i admit


        Epic suck for coming up w/ that ending.

        I need more picture of Akasha!!!!

        MOAR!!!!!!!!! AKASHA AND DELICIOUS CAKE!@!!!!

        Also, other than some of the char, are there anymore unlock?