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    Problems during..


    when im playing UT3 sometimes it disconnects my login and gives me this error

    - i havent given my Serial/Account to anyone
    - my game is a legal version
    - it just started yesterday after installing the 1.2 beta patch

    apart from this ut3 plays nice

    hopefully someone can help me

    i have not got the latest patch myself, but iirc there was mention that the 1.2 patch had all the 1.1 patch stuff included & some peeps might have problems, so a fresh install of ut3 might be required.

    so hopefully it just needs a fresh install.

    While we feel pretty good about this patch, we're calling it beta for the time being. Please don't distribute it beyond your own servers or make it generally available to the public.

    This patch can be applied to both a client and a dedicated server. Patched and non-patched clients and servers should be fully compatible. There are no known issues with applying this patch on a v1.1 patched client/server, but if stability is critical, it's safest to reinstall the retail client/dedicated server prior to installing.

    This patch includes all v1.1 fixes.