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New SkUT3 version ! (mIRC replacement for UT3 server browser)

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    I'm a designer, not a coder, sorry. The only code I know is (x)html, css, js, php, actionscript, visual basic and assembly, nothing of use here.


      You could base it out a website.


        Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
        NoNameAirman: I see no reason to base it upon an IRC client, a stand alone application would make more sense since there is a huge amount of IRC clients and none of them are have a large section of the user base, except mIRC since that's the only client kids know of.
        I use nonamescipt. If that's what u mean? U also can chat and find opponents easyer with mIRC. So u have all in 1

        At least it is a browser outside the game that works ok.


          New beta 6 online (see first post for link)

          IP catch has been improved in his way of working :
          It now always catches IP like ut3://x.x.x.x (whether skut3 success to find query port or not) so you can join the game even if you can't query the server...

          Added join as spectator

          Many bug fixes, few optimisation and few extra features...

          We are approaching release v1.0 so be quick to report me bugs plz

          Have fun



            I do not have any mods in the filter. Why not? And especially I need the instaGib mod filter. I play a lot of instaGib and it will be much easier to find a good server with the mod filter


              Just to mention I started a clean new thread with SkUT3 final v1.0.
              Thank you all for your beta testing and feedbacks.
              You are welcome to update to v1.0 which includes a lot of fixes and new features :


              It would be very nice to post sweet comments again to show sceptical UT3 players that this is a usefull and friendly tool !


                SkUT3 becomes SkUTx
                Please check :


                  Yeah, great !!!


                    cool one . thx .