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So Anybody Tried SP1 for Vista Yet?

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    Originally posted by leeerock View Post
    i using vista 32 and i have sp1 rtm and i have to say my vista is running alot better ie transfering files pc running faster checking updates faster and games are running faster ut3 works a hell of alot better for me ie sound was stuttering when the level was loading for me and the guy has talking was a constantstutter but now its more or less barely there and the game runs as smooth as anything with all settings on max. i would recommend sp1 rtm if you are using vista 32 only thing it took about 40 mins to install but after install do a clean up on your drive c:/ you will gain about 10 gb on your primary drive after all the temp files and hibernating files that the service pack creates when it is installing. also my memory only used to show up in the system as 3.25 gb of ram but now after sp1 rtm i have all 4 gb showing in system properties high 5
    Oh dear. It appears that SP1 broke your punctiation keys... I think I'll stay clear.