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anyone looking to buy new headphones?

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    I'm using my PC speaker, thanks


      I never had a pair of Sennheiser headphones I liked, tbh they've all been ****.

      Now Steelsound 5H v2 are truely awesome and the best headphones I've ever had.


        Originally posted by Pser View Post
        Low frequencies are forbidden because they can kill a human.
        I remember when I was a kid gaming on my PC-jr there was a rumor floating around that a 7hz sound wave was the same size as a chickens skull, and that it was possible to explode one! Of course not having a speaker that produces 7hz, and not having a chicken I never tested it


          Grado FTW

          If they still make them, JVC HA-D570D headphones are very good bang for the buck.

          Sennheiser PC131 is the weapon of choice @ work because they are really light and comfortable. We can literally wear them all day.

          Every single pair of "gaming" marketed headphones I've listened to has sounded HORRIBLE. I bought some Zalman theater headphones to try out and took them off after 1 min - never to be used again.... I think the cone is made from scrumpled up milk bottle tops. Just nasty! you have been warned


            Originally posted by bclagge View Post
            Directed towards adults? Don't tell me they got rid of the McDonald's!
            They added a whole new kids play area to replace the stupid carousel!

            And that McDonalds is awesome-- makes the best snack wraps out of any McDonalds =P


              That's one famous carousel!

              All this talk is making me crave McD's, but not just any one. I need to hop a flight up the coast!


                theres a play area now? i havent been since the side where the arcade used to be was still closed.