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linuc client - official update?

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    linuc client - official update?

    i bought this game months ago. it is still wrapped.

    i haven't seen an official update on this topic since november of '07.

    what's the deal?

    first it was "nothing political, just delayed", then it was "stuck in legal". since then, nothing but speculation.

    what is the official standing on the linux client?

    i am going to give it a week... if i can't find anything by mid february i'm going to sell this box or just give it to someone that uses windows.

    i waited until it was announced that there would be a linux client before i bought it.

    Q: Will there be a linux or Mac version of UT3?
    A: We are currently working on a linux UT3 client that players will be able to use with the retail Windows version. As soon as it's available we'll announce it here. Work is also being done on a Mac retail version of UT3.
    No news yet. But it appears to be in the works. They're probably putting most their effort into the PC and PS3 patches, but I bet it's high on the list.


      I bet 20 Necris dollars that this thread will be closed



        enough chars now


          Yep, every time someone raises this issue the moderator is quick to refer to the FAQ.

          My game is still wrapped in plastic, waiting for the day the Linux client becomes available. It has been promised, we understand that it will be delivered.
          I can imagine the guys at Epic getting tired of these Linux-related questions every day. There is a solution: give us some details!

          Linux users are used to waiting for releases, getting second class or no support at all and having to get dirty with patches to make things work, EVEN though they pay the same amount as Windows users. We're cool with that, as long as our releases are stable and fully compatible.


            Mmmm.... I bet now nVidia is acquiring Ageia, the Linux client will be postponed indefinitely....