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    I've got to do some chores and putting them off with this post :P

    Anyway... I used to play the original UT which had Deck in it. At first, it was quite good - very spammy, but everybody could get kills on it and it was suited to many styles of play.

    It was very popular so there were deck only servers which, in turn, were popular. This was kind of at the expense of other servers, so if you wanted to play then you had to play Deck.

    Deck's spammyness began to suck and the map was played to death. Yet only Deck servers survived. You want to play? You play Deck!


    So then UT2k3 appeared and it wasn't long before a modded Deck was created and played to death.

    UT2k4 comes out. I know! Lets have Deck again!

    UT3 arrives and, yes, Deck is there again and, yes, there are Deck only servers again. *pulls hair out*.

    Lets not forget that Deck16 was originally an Unreal map - released in 1998. So this map is still going, with its own dedicated Deck servers after 10 years! Credit to the original creator, but hasn't the world seen enough of Deck??

    The map also lead to a new breed of player.. The Deck Wh*re. They were born somewhere in the bio goo near the sniper rifle and grew up in those long corridors, never seeing the beauty of other maps. As such, Deck was all they knew and they would own the level. Great kills from around corners, great prediction, lovely sniping. Not too dis-similar from their floatier cousins - the Morpheus Wh*res!

    Then, they occasionally had to step outside their little home to try other maps. Suddenly, their 50-0 victories where now 30-20 3rd place disappointments. This happens very regularly

    So, in my opinion, not only is the map played to death but its also an innacurate reflection of the players actual skill too.

    In conclusion, there's no point to this post, other than to rant a little and see if others still love the map, or now hate it.

    I am the weakest link... Goodbye!

    I like to play it, but I don't think the UT3 map is anything spectacular. There are other maps in the UT3 series that I think are much better.


      I dunno iv been playing UT99 for 2 years now and luckily the server I play rarely ever plays it, so it hasnt had that played to death feel.
      I think its in the top 5 maps on UT3, I love the smaller maps with narrow corridors anyway plus on the ps3 version its rare they ever grab the shield belt so that is always mine

      so overall its a pretty good map and when it does get voted for on ut99 I aint to fussed


        Originally posted by Elohim View Post
        I like to play it, but I don't think the UT3 map is anything spectacular. There are other maps in the UT3 series that I think are much better.
        "UT3 series"?


          come on be honest to stand the test of time like it has shows it is one of the all time great maps and still my fave. (yeah i know how sad) i do play other maps and there are some maps that i probably do better in but i still come back to deck and even just spent the last hour and a half playing deck online.
          theres just something about how it plays.


            Wouldn't say that Deck is more of a spam fest than the other DM maps, on the contrary it's one of the few maps where I sometimes have the feeling that Rox aren't the best possible way to kill someone.

            Still (and some people don't like to hear that :P): 2k4 Deck > UT3 Deck, imo. :>


              At least its better then CS Iceworld
              Who ever knew a box w/ 4 pillars was a quality map....


                I dont mind playing it, but when ppl pick that map 4x ina row, i just leave.


                  my fav. map... but dont play it alot so you dont get bored from it..


                    Wouldn't go as far as calling it the greatest map of all time, but it is certainly one of the most classic. 10 years is some serious staying power. Every game has a map that ppl associate it with. Halo (I think) has BloodGulch, Counterstrike has Dust etc.

                    From my playing of the DM mode, Deck is one of the few maps which works with the new weaponry/movement. But at the same time, I do hate servers that only play one map over and over. Remember how bad it got with Torlan in ONS on some of the demo servers?


                      when i started UT99 i didn't like deck. it wasn't an easy map to master. jumping elevator tricks and fear of falling in the goo. many players were very good at this map. so i practiced on it and learnt the tricks. then started to like it.

                      when i played UT2k4 i liked deck. it felt good on it since i already knew this map. buti felt most 2k4 players didn't like deck though. most players didn't know elevator tricks too. weird since the tricks didn't change much. only a small delay was added that hardened some tricks but overall it was the same. it was almost "too easy" to pown someone.
                      the only downside was the slow moving shock core. i was used to hunt roof campers with shock rifle but slow core made the job harder.

                      now i still do like deck. i don't know many other dm map though except shangrila or heatray. i guess i have been playing warfare too much :P

                      when i'm completely lost in a map for a whole game. on the next one i vote for a map i know :P i don't know if it's the same for anyone else. if it is then maybe dm players should master more maps :P.

                      i didn't play dm too much. but everytime i played it was deck. didn't find many other running maps. deck is a very good map. but it's not the only good dm map.

                      map vote sucks to be honest. with map cycle we used to have much more variety. people don't take time to discover tricks and good spot before saying a map sucks. on 2k4 TAM there was 4 or 5 maps that were played... and an admin put new maps but after the first round of the first game (1-0) 30 seconds had passed. half players already voted for a map like rankin or grendelkeep. >_>
                      we played 30 seconds then the map got voted off. seriously. map vote sucks. or map voters need to grow
                      with map cycle people would learn maps.


                        I like the occasional Deck - just like in VCTF, I like the occasional Suspense, and in Warfare, I like the occasional Torlan. The trouble with these things though is that they get voted for over and over and over - whenever one of those maps is voted for two times in a row, I'm a goner...


                          the map rocks!


                            I really like it but I wish the goo pool did a little more damage in UT3. You can swim laps in it without dying so there's almost nothing cool about knocking someone into it.


                              A map cycle would be nice. We'd have to play something sucky like Biohazard once in a while, but we'd at least get to play the other maps.

                              Is TAM basically Rocket Arena from UT99?