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8 or 10-Player Official Servers for DM/TDM, what would you think?

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    Another thing i wanted to add. Why do you seek to destroy already working populated servers. There are plenty of empty ones. The thing is, if you convert a highly populated 32ppl DM server into a "6 Man TDM All pure, no mutators." (yawn), players will not suddenly start to play this ****, but will move on to the next 32ppl server. and we get another empty server. Im sure there are enough empty servers for everyone to fill. This issue isnt solvable by Epic, its the players who are responsible for the playing field.


      Originally posted by Elohim View Post
      I think 16 people on a DM server is way too much. Spawn - die, Spawn - die, etc. If you just fire at random in these cases, you'll probably come in 3rd.

      8 to 12 is my ideal range.
      16 sort of works on a couple of the maps, but not incredibly well. They definitely aren't designed for 16 player DMs. If we're talking TDM, 16 isn't as bad since there's only 8 people who can kill you running around. The maps still aren't built for it though, which is obvious since each map has a recommended max player count listed in the options.

      I just wonder if there are any plans for changing up the official servers, and if not I wonder why. There could be a reason that makes a lot of sense why there isn't that we haven't thought of.