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    Originally posted by element_45 View Post
    I'm not a computer building newb, in fact I'm quite seasoned, rather my question is to those who have spent some times looking at and performing benchmarks.

    I'm looking into a new video card. My current is an 8600gt oc, and while i thought it being a bargain, I can tell it's holding my system back on UT3 and other games.

    My question is, what's a good Nvidia option within the 150-200$ range? I was looking at an MSI 8800GTS 320Mb card that looks great for only being 199 (179 w/rebate). I hear though that there are new and old GTS's. Could someone shed some light on that for me? I think it's the difference between a g80 chip and a g92 but I don't understand the specifics enough to really get why the g92 versions are over 100$ more expensive. How does the 8800GT factor into these as well?

    Last question - would getting the 8800gts and selling my old card for like 40$ to a friend be a noticeable upgrade?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
    Only ONE 8800GT 512MB 660MHz clock at $200 after rebate.

    It is sweet. I was going to buy it, but then I realized I would not be able to fit that into my schedule until Oct or so. But by then they will even be cheaper.


      yeah i got the 8800 gts planning on gettin The 8800GT 512 MB +2


        I'm running an 8800GT 512 MB, and I have to say, the performance is supreme. 70+ FPS the last time I checked. Gorgeous.