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What I would like to see for Unreal Tournament 4

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    What I would like to see for Unreal Tournament 4

    I must say Unreal world have potential. But until now this potential is not exploited. So here some
    idea to make Unreal 4 one of better game forever.
    Playing "Battlefield 2142", "Enemy Territory Quake Wars", etc. I wait UT3 with impatience.
    So I buy it but I'm deceived.
    This game use same Old idea. So I think it's time for the creator to buy and try game like ETQW, BF2142.
    It's not a shame to look what other did. It's a proof of intelligence.

    So here some ideas:

    -First remove "Tournament" and so we talk just about "Unreal 4". The idea of Tournament is not good. It's better
    to create a game with real war, real objectives. Tournament is not serious. We can't pretend to be inside the
    game really if we think we play a tournament. But if we play a game to save the world, a planet, etc. we feel
    the game really.

    -Have a real story with real goal. Make a real story for Unreal 4. I'm sure they are writer able to write a
    good scenario for Unreal 4.

    -Look games like "Battlefield 2142", "Enemy Terrirory Quake Wars" to learn how make a better game.
    And continue to watch what other create during the creation of Unreal 4. So when U4 will be in store, it
    will be a real modern game with modern ideas.

    -Create Rank, Awards, Medals, Badges,etc. Think people play a game long time and need motivation to play the game

    after 6 month or more.

    -Create more maps. In each patch make new maps. Create contest and choose better fan maps and make them
    official in a package. Just Official maps are good cause everybody and all server use them.

    -Make settings menu (Audio, Video, etc.) more detailed

    -Make Weapons/Ability Character different. For now all use same weapons/ablilties. It's boring. Don't give same
    weapons/ability for Reaper and Jester for example.

    -Create lock weapons/ability who unlock when we reach a rank.

    -Make menu (artistic) better. UT3 menus are ugly and cheap.

    -Make Multiplayer menu appear in ONE screen. This one use in UT3 is horrible.

    -Make Multiplayer menu faster. This one in UT3 is very slow. And server appear one by one and take a lot of time to


    -Make Unreal 4 be able to play 64 players online.

    -Make Unreal 4 faster to download. Take too long time to UT3 to download.

    -Make the more possible Unreal 4 using assembler with elite programmer. So the game will be faster.

    -Don't create in parallel console game. Or make team bigger. If UT3 was so late it's cause game using UT3 engine
    like "Gear of Wars" appear. Make team uniquely for PC games.

    -Make new mode like BF2142, ETQW with real objectives. Buy these games and try them. So your team will have more
    ideas about modern FPS game. UT3 use old ideas.

    -Make possible to have One commander who give order to other (squad, etc).

    -Make possible to create squad and the one who create be Squad leader. Look game BF2142 to understand how this
    idea is wonderful.

    -I would prefer to have a forum just for Unreal 4. I don't like companies make forum for all their games in one


    ergh that is so not unreal tournament...


      Originally posted by woooo View Post
      ergh that is so not unreal tournament...
      I agree. I do not want to play ET:QW or BF. Thats why I play UT. I do not want to play whith 30+ on server. I want Duel and DM!

      Bye the way QW and BF after 1942 are sukcing games. I want the tournament back. I do not need a crapy story like this in UT3 anyway. I just wana FRAG


        -First remove "Tournament" and so we talk just about "Unreal 4".
        your not much of a "unreal dude" are you. U and UT are too seprate games. Your talking about U4 when they have not even made U3 yet!
        But Epic must go back to U1 style when making U3!

        Have a real story
        we dont want a story in UT, we want pure online multiplayer fun.

        blah blah blah........ you are so wrong!


          omg....that's really...bah...

          if i want to play BF or CS, i'm going to play this game (but i'll never want to!)
          and the last thing i want is a UT that copies many ideas of other games because then it's more "trendy". Unreal Tournament is different...if you don't like it how it is, go and play a more realistic game!

          UT is that great because it is different!