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Need help with my UTInput.ini

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    Need help with my UTInput.ini

    Since pipeswitch doesn't seem to have made an appearance in this game, and I don't like the substitute I find online, I was wondering if someone could help me with what I am now trying to do :

    Bindings=(Name="MouseScrollUp",Command="GBAS4",Con trol=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="GBAS4",Command="switchweapon 4 | switchweapon 9 | SwitchToBestWeapon",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt= False)

    What I thought would happen is when I use MouseScrollUp, I would go to the shock rifle, unless I didn't have it / was out of ammo, then I would go to the sniper rifle, and then my best weapon.
    Instead, I just go to the shock rifle, and if I don't have it / out of ammo, nothing happens.
    I've placed those commands in both [Engine.PlayerInput] and [UTGame.UTPlayerInput].

    Solutions, anyone?

    you might want to have a look at this topic for some idea's

    but this is the only way i have found it to work correctly.

    Originally posted by dsmelser@ix.netcom View Post
    There is a solution, but it is tedius AND ugly.

    What you have to do is add a setbind statement after *ever* switchweapon statement.

    So if you pipe statement looks like:
    Bindings=(Name="Pipe4",Command="switchweapon 4 | switchweapon 9 | setbind NumPadZero Pipe9")
    Bindings=(Name="Pipe9",Command="switchweapon 9 | switchweapon 4 | setbind NumPadZero Pipe4")

    Then you have to add:
    | setbind NumPadZero Pipe4
    to the end of all the other switchweapon statements.
    So the key that switches to rockets also resets the numpadzero to pipe4.

    I've tested this with a couple of weapons, but found it too much work to do with every switchweapon statement.